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Media Labeling players


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I hate when the media labels a player. What I mean by that is when a player like LeBron or Vince Carter and so many others where in High School and college, a lot of the media labeled them has the next Michael Jordan and they haven't set foot on an NBA court.

It adds so much pressure for the player to live up to the hype.

I just wish the media stop labeling players before they make the NBA and even when their in the NBA. For example Dwight Howard is a strong dude and is arguably the best center in the NBA, now the media is starting to label him as the next Shaquille O'neal, like honestly let him be himself and don't label him.

It's fine is they compare a player to another player, like saying O.J Mayo has the is the same type of player like Carmelo(just using an example) that's fine but don't go say O.J Mayo will be the next Carmelo Anthony(just using an example)

Sorry for the rant, I just think the media needs to stop this.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The media generally blows everything way out of proportion. E!SPN especially. They love making comparisons like this. When Casey Clausen started his first game for Notre Dame last year, E!SPN compared his performance to the first games in Michael Jordan's, Wayne Gretzky's, and Lebron James' careers, or something ridiculous like that. Clausen had a shitty game, yet they still talked about it as if he's the next great one. That's part of the reason I never watch SportsCenter anymore.