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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Dragon, May 24, 2005.

  1. Dragon

    Dragon Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    It seems the media knows everything and even your phone number. Still puzzled on how they got my cell phone number. The news will be coming tomorrow to talk about my auction. They called an hour ago and I'm still shaking. Wait, I think it's the coffee. Nope, that's not it.

  2. helpisontheway

    helpisontheway Registered Member

    If you did a PR release you have to enter in your telephone number when you write it... I got two calls also from a news station from NYC and Toronto and I had no clue there was a press release about my moms vase the first time. Turns out a nurse of mine wrote it.

    I just wrote one this morning for the new vase auction and indeed I had to enter in a number.
  3. Dragon

    Dragon Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    I did write a press release but I listed my home number. Last time I made news, a radio station contacted me on one of my emails which I did not list when I submitted the press release. I think my place is bugged or something. :D I'm being watched like The Truman Show.
  4. kromsales

    kromsales Registered Member

    Its thier jobs LOL Press releases too. When I did my casino chip they found my number before I started any press release or anything LOL
  5. 1_ares_1

    1_ares_1 Registered Member

    throw the paranoia out the window and have as much fun with this as you can... :D
  6. doubles2004

    doubles2004 Registered Member

    They can get your # without you giving it hell they would have fun with mine i have 5 house #s and 4 cells
  7. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    sheeeeeeesh why so many????
  8. doubles2004

    doubles2004 Registered Member

    This day and time you need em . 1 for the house 1 for the my cattle company and the others are for putors
  9. Nanner

    Nanner Registered Member

    May I suggest a wireless computer network? :D
  10. doubles2004

    doubles2004 Registered Member

    I Tried that once never really understood it and kept having trouble so i just had more phone lines installed.No biggie I pay for the main line then the others are only 9.95 a month with all the features and free long distance.Also with the satelite i think i pay about 180.00 a month for the phones and tv

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