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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jk_kubik, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Hello, i am currently conducting some research for my topic in media studies 'advertising' , i need to gather a range of different opinions from a range of people so anything you say can help me

    My questions are...

    • How effective do you think todays adverts are?
    • Do you think that fast food company adverts have a relation to child obesity and why? can you think off any specific examples?
    Thankyou for in advance for any replies. :lol:

  2. Merc

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    1. Very, but that's because people are so gullible and taught to believe in things that advertise certain "truths" such as "scientist tested" or "doctor rec commended" or my favorite, "used by [celebrity]". However, there's also a lot of skepticism these days as the public becomes more aware of how things are being sold to them and how to avoid fraudulent or ridiculous claims.

    2. No, none, never. Childhood obesity is the sole fault of the parents. Children do not understand the importance of being in shape at a young age and adapting a healthy lifestyle. Parents who can't afford to feed their kids at least decent food (a step above microwave dinners, people) should not have had kids. Not to mention, there are ways to eat healthy while on a budget. Just because McDonald's uses clowns or animals to sell their product to kids, doesn't mean it's McDonalds' fault. Can the kids drive there? Can they swipe their debit cards? No, the parents are responsible for teaching their kids healthy eating and living habits. Anyone who disagrees is just looking for a scapegoat to shed their own guilt or future guilt.
  3. HappyFace

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    1. As effective as ever considering entire courses at University and entire families are supported by the research and production of advertisement. I believe that people tend to fall for some the more bullshit adverts because I still see people buying such trash. If a celebrity advertises it or a doctor agrees with it people will always but it.

    2. By being so colourful and inviting it makes Children believe they need it, however I don't think that it can be entirely to blame. Parents just need to tell their kids "No" and take a little initiative into eating healthy.

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