Meat or Vag?


Sally Twit
Are you a meat eater, or a vagitarian? If you are a vaggie, why? is it because of moral reasons or sexuality reasons,,,,

I'm a sausage sucker, although I do like vaggies and vagetarian meals,,i dont always have to have cock:lol: I do like "fish" and "seafood" also. There are of course some people who dont eat cock but are not really vagetarians, as in they will eat go down on a woman etc.

Also.. to the meat eaters,,, have you ever eaten any other than the normal meats we eat everyday?I have eaten Horse cock (although i didnt know it was horse at the time) and rabbit (rabbit was eaten a lot here at one time,, North east England) I havent eaten ostrich penis, or kangaroo testicles ,, or alligator sperm:-/:lol:
When i found out i had taken Horse dick,, i nwas like OMG!! i have taken horse!!!:-o:sick: and made sure i didnt do it again,,, isnt that hypocritical of me though? i mean whats the difference between a horse and a man really:shake:


Lion Rampant
You're so awesome, I'll bet your knobs don't stop at 10.

Also, doesn't the post above this one look like Bob's getting pounded in the butt by a giant fist?
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I still remember going out with friends to The Cheesecake Factory, and nearly dying of laughter at the menu when I noticed they offered fish tacos.

Also, post awesome rep comments, pls


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I like eating vaggies as much as possible. The sheer amount of carbs from the blue waffles are enough to sustain me.