Meat Bees


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Or maybe you know them better as Yellow Jackets? Have you ever had a run in with 'em? My dad just got back from a trip he took up in Northern California where the Meat Bees over there are Ruthless. He got bit on the hand twice and now its swollen to about twice the normal size.

I dont see them much at all in town or here in the country. However up in the mountains around here they are everywhere. Real nasty creatures to considering they feed off of rotting carcasses so they carry some wicked germs. I've been bitten a few times and it knots up and swells pretty bad.

So have you ever had a run in with Meat Bees?

YouTube - Yellow Jackets - Vespula vulgaris - Meat Bees


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I didn't even know they existed!
I don't like the sound of them though...........

Hope your Dad went to the Doctor?


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Ugh that's gross. I've never heard of bees doing that. You don't get that in England (as far as I know) which I'm glad about.


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I hate those little suckers. We have them here. When ever I BBQ they come in swarms, so now I put an opened can of tuna or fat trimmings way out in the yard to attract them there instead of my grill.

I hate the sweat bees too!

Ice have your dad put garlic paste on the bites and it will pull the venom right out..It's a southern trick...Trust me it works!
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I don't know if we have those here. We have plenty of bees, but they don't cause too many problems.