Me and Pugz...YAY!!!!

This is a thread dedicated to those who feel like spammng about me and Pugz and what-not...

It may not get posts, but hey, keep it out of other forums...

Now, go nuts...


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
We already know about u 2....

Why spawn a happy thread like this? Did something happen beteen u 2 that we don't know about >>;
I think actually they arent talking or whatever...internet relationships...i never will get caught up in that again! lol


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
What's so special about a cyber relationship anyway? U can't really tell how a person is like that way matter how many little emo's they potray while their talking to u -_-


rainbow 11!
A phone Kyo, a phone. ^^ Once you trust the person enough, you can call them up. Or have a mutual friend three way with you. That's what we did.

I have a friend in Ohio and I gave her my number. Denise did the same and voila!!! Phone call. ^^; Now we talk all the time. ^_^


I should have warned you guys. The deeper it gets, the more it hurts. ^^;;
I made this, out of sheer boredom. Plus people wouldn't shut up about it in the Pic thread and this should save some spam...

To put it bluntly, me and Pugz aren't together, we haven't been for some time. That's all there is to it, I won't go into it because it's just not for me to discuss.

Me and her barely talk as well, that's just how it went. We talk here and there, but not as much as before. She's never on AIM :(
I met a girl once online, one of the greatest people you could ever met. once she trusted me unuff she called me. Then about a year later I sent her money and she got on a plane and came out to visit me. We had fun (Nothing sexual Blur.... rofl.) So you see it is not the bs everyone thinks it is. Oh and also we still talk to this day and we met online four years ago :)
Yeah, Pugz is coming to my "area" soon, I might go see her, we originally planned it, I don't see why not...

I must speak with her Pugz, if you see this...PM me...