McMahon looking to beef up Raw (Draft related) (No Spoilers)


Sultan of Swat
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Vince McMahon recently said he wants Raw upgraded during the upcoming WWE Draft, which is scheduled to be held on April 13, 2009 in Atlanta. While not saying so, with depth the way it is, SmackDown's probably going to take a big hit.

As far as SmackDown is concerned, he wants to go back to focusing on the Hispanic audience it lost following the departure of Rey Mysterio from the brand as well as developing new stars

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,
I really hope this is true, lets have Edge on Raw please do it. I think Raw needs almost all the major stars, and Edge is currently the best in the business and I think it could make even better if he was on Raw, challenging Orton, Cena and all those guys on every episodes of Raw.


Change the World
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This wouldn't be a "beef up" move, but I'd love to see Kendrick and "Big Zeke" move to RAW. Kendrick deserves more of a push and I'd love to see him in the IC Title picture...for some reason they're leaving him out of the US Title spot.