McInnis Ejected After Being Left Off Game Roster


Sultan of Swat
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A rare scorekeeping error caused Charlotte guard Jeff McInnis to be ejected in the first quarter of the Bobcats' game against Philadelphia on Saturday.

A Bobcats employee turned in an official roster before the game that did not include McInnis as an active player. McInnis was acquired in a trade from New Jersey on Jan. 4 and Saturday was Charlotte's first home game since the deal.

McInnis entered the game with 3:15 left in the first quarter. The 76ers called attention to the error eight seconds later during a break in play after a foul was called.

Referee Dick Bavetta called an official timeout and players from both teams went to the bench for several minutes before it was announced the Bobcats were called for a technical foul and McInnis was ejected.

Bobcats coach Bernie Bickerstaff looked at the incorrect roster before slamming it to the table and walking back to the bench.


Wow that sucks. Apparently, somebody didn't do their job correctly. lol I feel sorry for the employee who did the roster but I wouldn't be surprised if the poor guy were fired. Those things shouldn't happen in professional basketball especially when fans pay money to go see their favorite players play. Now if it was somebody more popular in Charlotte like Okafor or something, then maybe there would be a major problem with that person in that organization.