McFarland toys go down hill


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Greetings my fellow toy collectors.

Has anyone else noticed that "Todd Toys or McFarland toys" have gone down hill on their quality and detail?

Could this be due to budget cuts or a lack of interest in collectible toys? I am thinking both.

recently the number of collectible toys has dwindled down to a small hand full of toy lines and most have gone back to being sold on ebay or specialty shops (IE toy and comic shops) and even those are carrying a limited amount of the toys. I have spoken to other collectors and we all have noticed the quality of the collectible toys have gone down hill.

It is sad to see the company who started all the detail and poseability go so far down hill. Do you ever think there will be a resurgence of high quality toys for collectors or has the era of toy collecting come to an end?

many toy manufactures have gone back strictly to the kids side of the market and have sacrificed detail for costs and a lack of interest from collectors.

So what other lines have you noticed go down hill or stop the collectors editions completely?