McCain's Health Care Proposal Will Increase Costs and Reduce Benefits

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    John McCain’s health care proposal is similar to President Bush’s failed plan. Like Bush’s, McCain’s plan undermines existing employer-based health care and pushes workers into the private market to fight big insurance companies on their own. It will reduce benefits, increase costs and leave many with no health care at all.

    A New Tax on Working Families. McCain wants to shift the burden from employers to workers. He will make health care premiums part of taxable income, essentially creating a new tax for working families.

    Increases Costs to Workers. The modest tax credit McCain wants to give people to cover his new tax would cover less than half the average health premium, leaving workers to pick up the difference. Also, by promoting high-deductible Health Savings Account (HSA) plans, which provide fewer benefits at higher costs, he will make the high costs of individual insurance even worse.

    Leaves Workers at the Mercy of Big Insurance Companies.McCain’s efforts to “eliminate the bias” toward employer-based health care will encourage employers to stop offering health care, pushing workers into an unregulated private insurance market to fend for themselves. Big insurance companies will be free to weed out people with health care needs, charge excessive premiums and limit benefits.

    Makes Health Care Harder to Get. Pushing workers into the private health care market and promoting HSAs will encourage insurance companies to attract only the healthiest people, driving costs up overall. Insurance companies can decide to refuse to cover people with preexisting conditions, such as cancer survivors. Retirees will have a particularly hard time getting health care.

    Lowers the Quality of Available Health Care Plans. Many states have laws regulating health care quality by requiring basic services to be included in health care coverage. McCain’s proposal would circumvent these laws, resulting in lower quality coverage without consumer protections.

    To learn more, see McCain Revealed” on the AFL-CIO website at

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    Well Obama's health care proposal will bankrupt our economy and completely destroy the medical profession in America. Seriously who goes to school to work for the DMV or other government jobs? With no money to be made in health care do you really think people will waste years of their life in medical school only to have a crappy job working for the government?

    The government should stay out of health care COMPLETELY. Tell me one government sponsored program that hasn't gone bankrupt or isn't close. They fail at almost everything they do and the American people continue to beg for them to fail again. Sometimes it's easier to just hope something works than actually think it through.

    You have to remember that most of America already has health insurance. We have the #1 health care in the world. John McCain's plan won't kill the private sector like Obama's will. If we cater to those without health insurance, using Obama's plan, for example, everybody else gets the shaft and hard.

    Obama wants to create universal healthcare where every American gets free health care. That alone is one of the biggest reasons I can't stand Obama. He's obviously doing this because it sounds good on paper and to those without health insurance, BUT it will destroy health care in America. Every single person I know who is going into medicine can't stand Obama for this fact alone. His plan will literally destroy the American medical system. American health care is currently #1 in the world because of the competition between practices. If it's free for everybody then slowly the entire system will slow to a halt because medical professionals simply do not want to work in such an environment getting paid what the government sets as standard pricing.

    Consider the following example. You have health care already through your job. The government now offers free health care. Will your job continue paying a health insurance provider for your health care benefits? No. Just about every person in the US who already is paying for or receiving health care as a benefit will drop that and move to the free care.

    Those who don't move to the free care will be forced to eventually because of supply and demand. Health insurance works because there are way more people taking claims out than those paying in. If the number of people paying in drops significantly (which it will), the price for everybody else will skyrocket.

    The government sponsored health care will eventually be the main health care that everybody has to use. Most people won't be able to afford anything else. That means the government will essentially be able to tell hospitals how much they will be making, and it won't be much. The quality of care will hit rock bottom and people won't want to waste their time paying to go to expensive medical schools just to have a bad job at a government run hospital.

    Obama will ruin American health care. Just another example of the government wanting to get involved in more aspects of our life. Luckily it would seem that enough people are realizing just how stupid his "hope" really is.
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    I do understand why it would make employer based insurance more expensive. You will only go to a HSA if you are in good health and the high deductible policy is cost effective. I've done it and it works out best for me, but if I was in poor health, it would be a problem.
    So, you cut the top off of the insurance curve and everyone that's left has to adjust to a higher costs. It becomes a cycle of the top of the curve jumping ship and everyone that's left has to adjust to new prices. Eventually there would only be people with poor health in the insurance pool.
    I don't know how to solve that problem unless we want to offer some sort of temporary gov backed insurance for people in poor health. So, you could either go completely private or completely gov.
    I don't know. the problem needs to be solved somehow though.
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    Ok: The public health care systems in Scandinavia and France, or the semi-public health care system in Germany.

    Your "Obama will destroy the economy" claim is utterly absurd. SOme of the best performing economies worldwide, like Germany and France, have public elements in their health care, which goes far beyond what Obama proposes. It has neither made these economies collapse nor caused any of the problems you claim it would.
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    They need to be making nationalized healthcare like over in Europe but that won't come for years. If you look at this from someone who supposedly has damn good insurance with it being BlueCross BlueShield State mind you, I pay everything out of pocket because the insurance is a piece of shit. It doesn't cover yearly follow up visits for me, I have to pay those out of pocket. I have had to go to the ER twice and each time had to pay those bills as well because insurance doesn't cover it. I NEVER meet my deductible because I don't see doctors because I don't get sick that often and plus it is $2,500 now I believe (used t be $2,000). What's the point of having it?? I already pay out the ass for premiums monthly now, why should I have to pay more for even less than what I get now?
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    This is a valid point, although it has an easy solution. If Americans don't want to look after Americans you pay someone else to do it for you.
    The Indian sub-continent, South-East Asia and your next door neighbours-;Cuba produce some of the finest, dedicated and hard working medical staff available and they do it all for a good price too. The Americans can stay in the private system and look after the affluent, there will be plenty of people to structure the public sector.

    Considering the USA is one of the few countries without universal health care there are quite a few government sponsored programs outside of the USA that have not gone bankrupt. On the note of government sponsored programs, is the rescue of all the major mortgage players a government sponsorship? It is money from the federal reserve after all! the possibility of bankruptcy did not come from the govt. but from unregulated capitalism. Now also consider that more than half of bankruptcy claims in the USA are directly attributed to excessive medical bills even when 75% of them had insurance. Do you have insurance because it means shit when you really need it!

    "most of America already has health insurance" - If you mean most as in the majority then 'yes' they do, but that still leaves 40 million people without health insurance. Who is going to look after them when they need it?

    I resent the statement that the USA has the #1 healthcare in the world. The #1 healthcare system can not be private, it has to be universal, it can not be based on class or wealth, it must be available for everyone, no bias or exceptions. It astonishes me that the right wing of the USA favours the persons right to carry a gun over a persons right to healthcare.:(

    Here are 2 quotes that sum it up:

    "The collective principle asserts that... no society can legitimately call itself civilized if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means."

    "A country is only as rich as the poorest of its poor"

    Wrong, nearly every country that has universal health care also has a substantial private health care sector, it is supported by those who can afford elite health care, waiting lists are shorter and facilities generally better, many employees still offer private health care as a benefit on top of the governments benefit of universal health care. The scenario of everyone disbanding the private sector is a false theory, in practice the damage is minimal.

    Your imagination is for a bad scenario. A hospital is not a money making enterprise, it does not require to make money, it should be publicly funded and use those funds accordingly. I assume the publicly funded school system in the USA is at rock bottom? no, then why would the hospitals be?

    I have to say it but it based on the past few years of the US government disenfranchising itself from its citizens leaving an unregulated free(I use the word lightly) market it is quite apparent that the good citizens need a baby-sitter, even the fat-cat corporations cant look after themselves, the word I am looking for is feral.

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