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    "Interview with Bill Donohue: Catholic League denounces McCain" Letters to the Editor

    "Hagee Endorses McCain"

    Hagee Endorses McCain | The Trail |
    Here is McCain explaining how he is "pleased to have Hagee's endorsement", and to have "a lot of people come in their [the conservative party's] direction".
    McCain Proud Of John Hagee

    So - how seriously do you take McCain in this case? Is it perfectly acceptable for him to accept the endorsement of Hagee? Does it make political sense? Has Hagee changed any of his opinions before finding good reasons to endorse McCain? Has McCain changed any of his opinions? Is that a problem - do either hold views considered extremist, and does an incident like this serve to highlight the distance between McCain's conservative party and Hagee's conservatism? Is that an interesting question in all of this? Or has McCain now successfully made Evangelical extremists acceptable in politics through this?

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