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How can people put this DISGUSTING condiment on food, ESPECIALLY fries?

Who likes mayo?


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I'm actually a huge fan of Mayonaise. I don't put on my fries but I do know a lot of people that do.

I do put it on sandwiches, hamburgers and many other different things. I just believe it has a real great taste and it adds a lot to the food that I use it for. I can see how people dislike it though.


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I love mayo. I love mustard, too. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, look for their Garlic Aoli Mustard sauce. it's pure win.


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I love mayo, but I try to avoid it since its full of empty calories. Light mayo just isn't the same. And since we're talking about mayo, why do containers always say "100% Real Mayo"? Is there actually any fake mayo out there?


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Mayo on fries?!?! Um.. Ew...

I do like mayo.. I like it on my hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and most cold cut sandwiches; it has to be a very tiny layer of it though.

I try not to use it often though since it isn't really a spectacularly healthy food.


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There's a thing called Miracle Whip Bubbles, which is portrayed as Mayonaise but it's really salad dressing.

Pretty sure you guys have that in your area.

I ate Chicken Fingers last night and I dipped them in Mayonaise for the first time, I must admit it was really good.


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Miracle Whip FTW!!!
I love mayo and I do have it with even fries. I prefer mayo to ketchup with fries in fact. I think I learned that on my European travels. :lol:
I guess, like BR, I can understand why people don't like mayo though. But I just love my mayo.
That said, I prefer Miracle Whip to any other make... does that mean I prefer fake mayo?? :shifteyes:


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I hate mayo. The only thing I put up with it being on is the fillet tower burger from KFC. Luckily it's disguised with lots of other nice things.
I love salad cream on chips <3