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Maybe I can get royalties...


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Geez, did they even ask you for permission? I mean, I guess it may not be technically illegal, but don't you at least somewhat own the rights to your own story?

EDIT - Billboard - Google Books Here's a copy of some of the script, if you're interested.

POST EDIT - Geez, you weren't even really written all that good... :shake:

POST POST EDIT - Did you start hallucinating about corporate logos and giving birth to iPods when you had that tattoo? Did you start screaming the names of corporations, instead of your girlfriend, when you did the nasty? I think he's taken some liberties with your life, here...

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but first impressions say it has all the hallmarks of bad writing: A weakly delivered message ("Consumerism is bad, m'kay?"). Hallucinations/a dream sequence, where the protagonist is haunted by the weakly delivered message, for no reason. A sex scene, again for no reason. Lack of a real plot; mostly just blabbing ("Consumerism is still bad, m'kay?"). Dependence on recent headlines (it was written in 2006).

This thing won awards; no wonder theater has gone in the toilet. :shake:
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Wait, you mean this wasn't your super secret project?

Now that you mention it, I am kinda curious about what the rules on that are. If it does alright, I wouldn't be surprised if you could demand/sue for some sort of compensation.


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That's not very flattering, is it? They just pinched the headlines (and your name) and filled in the rest from a liberal imagination (pun intended). I'll wait for the big screen version.



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Oh wow. Isn't it a little weird to know there's something out there loosely based on you?


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Do you have an artist girlfriend and a save-the-planet best friend?


I'm serious
Brix, you should insist on royalties. That is so weird and creepy and cool.


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I think you should take advantage of this opportunity. Go watch it or appear when there's going to be media around to write about it then just randomly introduce yourself as the real Andy (make sure you wear GF shirt).