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Maybe everybody should wear diapers!


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Ms. Malone
Lucky little bugger, but i think i've heard of an inicident like that before. A toddler fell from a balcony and landed on it's ass which was cushioned my the nappy o_O


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
The parents must be glad they haven't toilet trained him yet.


Lion Rampant
Sorry if this is a little OT (and/or TMI), Hybrix, but maybe everybody SHOULD wear diapers! I was watching a show on the Travel Channel today called "Vegas Urban Legends" and there was a segment about gambling addicts donning Depends in order to keep their slot machine seats longer without interruption. Such incontinent ingenuity! I'm proud to be an American today. You never hear about people strapping on pee pads before going to a Eurovision taping or a Manchester United match, by golly.


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i think lucky is gotten the god` help.....
couse, in logistic it should not happen ...


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Wow, lucky kid, I mean how many people would get THAT lucky.

I wonder why the kid decided to go out the window.