Maybe a new MP3 player this holiday season


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I might be getting a new MP3 player this year. My Mini has served me well and it's definitely going downhill. I figured that staying with Apple and its iPods would be easier. That new Nano looks nice. But I also heard that the Zune is better. Any suggestions/recommendations?


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My iPod is getting pretty old, and I've been thinking about getting the iPod Touch. It has most of the features of the iPhone, minus the phone, obviously. The touch screen is easy to use, the picture quality is great, has built-in Wi-Fi and web browser, etc. It's fairly expensive though. The new Nano definitely looks cool, too.


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I was thinking about getting myself another Creative, I really enjoyed the one I had before I broke it. I really don't want an iPod, and the Zune looks too clunky for my taste.


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I have an iPod (color), which is really just the iPod (classic) now. I recommend an iPod all the way. Not the nano or shuffle but the real deal. They work great and they are the only MP3 player that has a scroll wheel. Apple has a patent on that concept and honestly it's a great concept.


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I have the same problem I want either a Zune or an iPod, but im leaning towards a Zune because its more durable, plays WMV, has a bigger screen and I hear with some iPods you need special headphones to use them.


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I haven't heard anything about the headphones. A friend of mine has a Zune and she LOVES it. I'm dying to get one. I've had nothing but trouble with my iPod. But I'm going to wait until it dies/ a new, smaller, Zune comes out.

I think it's a little big for my tastes.


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A new smaller Zune is already out, Himeko. | Products

I hate iTunes with a burning passion because it's given me nothing but problems. I have a first generation Zune and it's decent but I'd like to get one of the newer ones sometime soon.


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You don't need special headphones, I think it's just that they use a smaller headphone jack than the standard size.