Max car mileage?


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So I have a MAZDA MPV 2000

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Currently it has over 250,000 mileage, and my family is considering going to Florida using this car. (A distance of about 1000 miles round trip) I think this is a bad idea, considering that the car might break down mid-trip.

I wouldn't say that the car is in bad shape, but it's in a pretty good useable condition.

Would you allow anyone to use such a van for a 1000 mile road trip or force them to buy a new car?


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I have no idea, it depends on the condition of the vehicle. My truck has about 150,000 miles on it and I'd have no problem going on a trip that far in it. But I change everything regularly (oil, transmission fluid, fuel filter, air filter, etc...)like clockwork.


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It is all down to a combination of condition and luck.

I'd say if its done 250k then its probably good for another 1k.

I have driven vans with much higher mileages(one had 500k+ it was a merc sprinter) over much greater distances. I've also driven low mileage vehicles that have proved unreliable over shorter distances.

Mileage is not that good an indicator of condition or reliabilty. A city car will be crunching through gears, hitting higher top revs, accelerating and braking, and generally pulling on cables, levers and switches a lot more than a vehicle that has been used primarily on the highway. When you are cruising at a steady speed most of the damage comes from wear to to tyres(something that is frequently replaced), dirty oil (again something that should be frequently changed) and finally radiator damage something that can be easily checked.


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My dad had a 1989 Mitsubishi Diamanti that ended up lasting 13 year 220,000 miles.

The engine was still great, but, the catylitic converter went. The last few miles of its life, it sounded like a drag racer, but it was no longer road legal. The technician said that if the caty hadn't died, the engine could have gone another 40,000 miles


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How can you ever tell if the car is going to die?

Even if you go to a mechanic for a thorough checkup, there's always that possibility that the car will break down. In that a sense, I'm not too sure about using such a car.