Mavs' Harris Working On Jump Shot


Aw, Here It Goes!
David Moore of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS writes that "Devin Harris peels off his jersey and steps into the whirlpool after an early morning workout. His frame is more muscular than it was a few months earlier. A tattoo stretches the width of his shoulder blades, an addition coach Avery Johnson mentioned when the two had lunch recently. Some changes are obvious. But it will take several months for us to learn if Harris has added what he needs most. A consistent jump shot."


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's the only thing that's missing from Devin Harris game to bring him to the next level. If he can develop that consistent jump shot he'll become a very dangerous point guard in this league. He's got the passing abilities, the speed so if he can add a shot to the mix he can become a very dangerous combination


Devin Harris is a dangerous point guard as it is. He has the ability to score the ball. I too agree that he needed to get a consistent shot. The Mavericks do play a perimeter game and with an improved shooting ability, he will help the Mavs.


A Darker Knight
If Harris can finally get jump shots in, he'll be even more dangerous. One part of him that I felt was missing and could have helped the Mavs during the playoff last season, was his jumper.
As a Devin Harris, I'm very happy to hear that. But why is this considered news? Probably 1/2of all NBA players or more work on their game in the offseason.

That weightlifting will get him more and1s.