Mature Discussion Rules *UPDATED 4/28/07*


For a Free Scotland
Alright, I'm putting a Mature Discussion rules thread in all of these sections so there's no excuses for rule violations. Mostly old stuff, but italicised stuff is new.


1. No Flaming. Debate intellectually.
2. No topics solely for your own personal venting. We got a new section, kids.
3. Only post topics that could spawn debate/discussion. If you've got an essay, I'd say post in Literature.
4. Stay on topic. Off-topic posts will not be considered spam, as long as the off topic post branched from the topic at hand.
5. If you wish to debate theories or currently unproven concepts or events, you must provide sources with your argument. Basically, conspiracy threads need some basis.
6. No replies like, "yes I agree" etc. Thoughtful posts only. Explain your position, don't just state it. And no half-assing the first post either.
7. Please post topics addressing current events in the World News section.
8. If you have a question of a personal nature, please post it in the Advice section.
9. These forums will be moderately to heavily moderated, any conflicts / overlapping of the outlined rules will most likely result in swift action.
10. Obey all general rules.
11. CAPS should be used sparingly. Please do not use them for more than a phrase or two. Sentences and paragraphs in caps will be deleted, and thread titles will be edited.
12. Please do not post in a font size signifigantly larger than standard, it increases scrolling and is just plain annoying.
13. Quote all long sources to reduce scrolling.