Matt Millen out in Detroit


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Fox's Jay Glazer reports that Matt Millen has been removed as President and GM of the Lions. It's unclear if he resigned or was fired.

The Detroit police should be on alert for a championship-style celebration in the streets. Hopefully the Lions get a true football guy in the front office, and Millen returns to the booth, where he was awesome. Jon Kitna is now the Lion on the hot seat, and could be the next to go. We'd expect Rod Marinelli to last the season. Rudi Johnson is happy this move didn't happen three weeks ago.
Detroit Lion fans all over the country are having a party right now. They've wanted his head on a platter for years.


Sultan of Swat
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About time, he gets canned, he hasnt done anything positive since he joined the organization. He's a poor judge of talent, and didn't deserve to be President and General Manager of the Detroit Lions. A lot of Lions fans are jumping in joy right now.