Matt Hardy is angry...


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-- Matt Hardy is apparently frustrated as he posted the following gripe on his Twitter account Thursday:
"As u know, I'm extremely passionate about my job-I give everything I have every time I'm in [COLOR=red! important][COLOR=red! important]the [COLOR=red! important]ring[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]. Its frustrating when its not enough. Gotta state this. I'm sick & tired of being 'hurt', being misused, & not being shown the respect that I've earned-something has to change."
He then added: "As far as "kayfabing" people, I've never done anything intentionally 2 insult my fans-I just try to make things unpredictable & real for u. IMO, that's how [COLOR=red! important][COLOR=red! important]pro [COLOR=red! important]wrestling[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] should be.. Unpredictable & full of suspense-I try & keep that in mind. Cuz as a fan, that's what I want.
"For the record, I'm not "quitting", I don't have my head down & I'm as optimistic as ever-but sometimes, u gotta just say what's on ur mind."

Well it finally looks like Matt Hardy is finally whining about how he hasn't gotten a decent push and being a jobber lately. The main reason that he has gotten no push in my opinion is because his promos are so horrible, I nearly fall asleep when I have to hear this guy talk. He was also the better talent between him and Jeff, but the keyword is "was". I used to be a big Matt Hardy fan when he was in his prime and him saying that he puts in 100 percent of energy in his matches is clearly a blatant lie. As of late he seems to be very lazy in the ring mainly due to because of how he feels.

Matt is a decent mid carder and he needs to accept that he will be a midcarder for life even if he does join TNA. By him stating that he is getting misused publicly is basically asking for a termination. We'll see what happens.


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They should've never split up Matt and Jeff. IMO, one of the best tag-teams in history. Once they split them up and they went their separate ways in wrestling, it went all down hill for Matt.


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I agree, Matt is living in his bro's shadow, and even if he defects over to TNA he will still be in his shadow. Jeff put's in 100% in his matches and it shows. Matt always had the better talent and I thought that he carried the team but when they split up, Matt wasn't getting lazy, they both they got pushes, Matt had classic matches with MVP, and Jeff Hardy became a glorified daredevil, I thought at the time they were going places, but Matt started getting lazy and I could tell that he stopped caring after they gave Jeff a bigger push. When Jeff left for TNA, he should of grabbed his ball and ran with it, but he didn't, he was lazy and his laziness will forever have him in the shadow of his brother Jeff.


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Did you see SmackDown? They're doing a 'Piggie James' angle with Matt and relative newcomer Cody Rhodes. Who wouldn't be angry? True, he's been phoning it in for a while, but I don't know the reason for that. Wrestlers can get depressed and fatigued and suffer from burnout. Maybe this health thing that he talks about has got him feeling rundown. All that I can really see is exactly what he says: something needs to change.


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I was never a fan of Matt Hardy, he's boring to watch in the ring, he has no microphone skills, no charisma. He's out of shape right now, and personally believe he was on the sauce back in the day. He doesn't put any effort in his matches, and he's extremely boring to watch. To be honest with you guys, I'm surprised he's still in the WWE.


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That was my point; I've read a lot from Matt Hardy (twitter, etc.) and seen videos on YouTube. He's a strange cat, but his passion for the fans and the business is simply undeniable. Period.

My guess on his weight being up and down is the health issues. He's really gone through a lot in the last (year?). He had been wrestling with his shirt on for a while, and from SD this week it looks like he could have lost a little bit of weight. Who knows, he could be on his way to toning up some more.

An interesting side note, on one of his YouTube videos from a month or two ago he had focused in on an exit sign, not saying too much. I wonder if he's been thinking TNA for a while now. I wouldn't be surprised, and as a fan of both TNA and WWE I think it would be a better fit for him right now. It's the smaller of the two companies and he has a better chance to excel there.

As far as you thinking he's been "on the sauce," BR, I have no idea lol. I'm curious what some specifics are that have led you to that line of thinking.


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Well looks at him in this picture.

And now look at him

It's like Edge and Orton, they were both on the sauce and they got off, Orton is still ripped, but Edge not so much.