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Matt Cardle: Next Big Superstar


New Member
Hey guys,

I'm new to the forums. Just wanted to see are there any other Matt fans out there. I know X Factor mightn't be everyones cup of tea but this year is different. I'm so excited for tomorrow's semi finals and I think Matt could be the next big star , love his music. He plays the guitar and songwrites too.
I absolutely loved Matt from his first audition and has left the judges in tears and me.

I've loved all of his performances but my favourite would have to be Nights In white satin, first time ever i saw your face and baby one more time. Check him out on Youtube.

Any other Cardle fans?


Haters gonna hate.
From what I have seen on YT about him, I like his vocal style, but I prefer Cher or Mary, personally.


yellow 4!
Everyone I know who watches x factor, bar one person, loves Matt. I'm not interested in the show myself but from what I've seen he doesn't do anything for me personally. He has a nice personality but he's nothing special otherwise (again, just in terms of my own tastes).


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
This is the only time I've heard of him, and I listened to the song you suggested and I really liked it. He's really talented, I don't know if he'll become a huge superstar in the music industry, but I'm sure he'll get signed to a record label.

To whoever is interested, here is the original version of White in Night Stain, which was done in 67. It's incredible.

YouTube - The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin´67


Well-Known Member
He has a great voice, and it's likely he'll get a recording contract, but there are so many guys out there who sound the same, so he's not that unique. I wouldn't go as far as to say the next big superstar, that's for sure.


Endangered Species
Matt can do certain songs exceptionally well, but on an equal number of songs he sounds really screechy. I think his career is all going depend on if he can hit the right note on the right song and whether that song will appeal to the masses first time around.

I knew he would not do well in x-factor but I actually thought Paije Richardson had a great voice, at a time when you have artists like Cee-Lo at the top of the charts it annoyed me that they tried to make him a Luther Vandross.

Im not a fan of x-factor by any ,measure but have to watch it for "research purposes"......seriously.