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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Boredie, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Yeah, I know that 80% if not more of fellow members of GF have nothing to do with it, but that don't mean (terrible usage of grammar, eh?) I can't make a thread about it anyway, right?

    How long is maternity leave where you're at?
    Have you started it earlier (i.e before the birth)?
    Do you take advantage of all of it or will you cut it short/trade with your partner in order to get back to work as quickly as possible?
    Have you ever quit work on account of giving birth? If so when did you go back to working?

    Here maternity leave is a 6 months deal. Where you get paid for 14 weeks from the government in accordance to length of months you've worked for up to the start of your leave. If you take the full 6 months of leave your status at your job cannot change, the employer must take you back for at least 6 more months before able to fire you (on whatever grounds).

    I never started my leave before I gave birth, and I'm debating currently what to do this time round (since the 6 months deal is a new law).
    Up till now I've taken advantage of every day of my leave and only went back to work when my time was up (my 1st leave was for 12 weeks by law, my 2nd was for 14 weeks only).

    The only time I quit a job was 6 months after I gave birth to my first, since I found it very difficult to travel with her every day to work and back.

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    I can't remember what the law is here. I took three months, one thing I will say for my former boss is that he was very flexible with my maternity leave. I left a week before I gave birth, then came back part time after three months, the full time after 10 months.
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    Where I work its a year maternity leave. A girl I work with just left for maternity leave in february. There's even paternity leave for the husbands. Six months I believe. One guy went on paternity leave a while back.
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    It's about a year here as well, but you can take extensive leave if you like. The thing is if you go past the limit then you lose your current job in the department you worked in. But they find you another one when you come back in the same company and the same level you were when you left, so it ain't all that bad.

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