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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I wasn't really sure what I wanted to say about materialism. I just knew that I wanted to get a discussion going and see where it leads.

I recently lost nearly everything I own and found that it brought me a new sense of freedom. I had a lot of stuff that I had collected through the years: a nice tv, hundreds of dvds, toys from when I was a kid, lots of random electronics, tons of video games, and so on. Now I realize that it was just taking up space; I don't need it.

How do you guys feel about collecting/gathering/retaining material items?


still nobody's bitch
I'm not very materialistic. I don't have to have the biggest or the best or the most or the newest. I just want to be comfortable.

My cell phone is an old Motorola flip phone, my computer is a dinky little model that I can fit in my purse and pretty much is only good for Internet, and I only have a new car because one was bought for me.


I thought this thread was treating "materialism" in a negative sense.

I don't know if I should call myself materialistic. All I know is that in the given chance, I buy high-quality materials and I don't get rid of them easily. I try to take care of them and not throw them away.
Though when it comes to electronics, I want to have the best and the newest.
If I can't afford to buy them, then I'll stick with the older ones I have or buy a less updated version of whatever I'm looking for.


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I am a bit of a hoarder and feel more comfortable if i have stuff to full the space, rather than sitting in a practically empty room. I dont go out and buy stuff intentionally, sometimes i will get given something either as a gift or just out of the blue, i may find a cheap book for sale up at the library; one of the old ones they are getting rid of for about 50 cents or so. I enjoy reading and am hoping to one day have a rather large bookshelf that covers about 3 walls. I did however sell some stuff on trademe last year. Stuff that could not fit in my bedroom and was sitting around taking up space not being used or cared for. It was a 102 dalmatians set that i won in a colouring competition many years ago, the box that held all the toys was rather tattered and was in need of a good home so i sold that for a pretty good price, $80. Then i sold a childens book, hairy maclairy, for about 30 bucks, it was a gold edition or something, given to me as a joke birthday present, and it was originally 30 dollars the price was still on it. What a waste of money in the first place i thought, especially as a joke gift haha.

I am a bit creative, not as much as i used to be, but i collect things to use on cards, and i also have a collection of playstation one games, and miss the ones that got stolen, i still have my ps1 and refuse to get rid of an old tv i have in my room. Although apparently tube tvs wont be able to be used before long, which sucks..

I collect scrap paper and reuse the backs of it. I collect magazines and use the imaging from it, in things like scrapbooking, cards etc.

I keep all my bank statements and i havent kept all my schoolbooks, just the most recent ones as well as plenty of pieces of paper with notes on. Which has been quite useful sometimes as i have gone back to look in my maths book and found the equation or answer to something, which is great.

Im comfortable having this stuff and would feel pretty bare without it. I do have a big computer screen and an ipod touch but i didnt buy them i was given them. I dont have a very new computer and that does drive me a bit nuts as i cant even photoshop anymore as its getting slower..