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Matchbox cars


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Anyone remember those and how cool they actually were, I still have odd 300 match box cars stacked in the box in the garage.

Good ol' days.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I still have a few of those from when I was a kid, I was just looking at some of my boys cars and i noticed that they had some from 1972 and 1073 and they are in better shape than the newer ones.

it's sad that HotWheels get all the attention because matchbox makes some good cars and some of them have some good detail. I even found that the Matchbox cars seem to roll better than HotWheels.

Do you remember the Halley's Comet cars? I have all three of them. Does anyone else have them?


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i think i might have a few somewhere. i had the comet car. what about the color change ones based on putting them in cold or warm water.


Oh, poppycock.
I had a ton. I loved to set up a track on a book case and let the car go down it over a jump. If that makes sense. I played with my neighbor when I was younger on his slide. We lost a lot of cars that way because he had tall grass. haha.


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My son has mostly Hot Wheels collection but someone gave him Matchbox cars with different states (USA) theme on it. Since we don't live there, I don't think he can complete that collection. He has them stored in a toy car suitcase we got from ToysRus over there.


Son of Liberty
I've quite a few tossed away in boxes up in my closet. I've collected them in various spurs over the years and I dont have full collections, got a few that are close but I think out of all the series' I have, hardly any of them are 100%.

I also used to work with a guy who collected only ones that had Surfboards attached to them. He said that the oldschool ones with Surfboards were considered health hazards and were discontinued. So yeah, any time I see the new ones with surfboards I cant help but think of that oddball variant collection.


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I still have tons of my cars, I never got rid of any of them.

I'd say that I probably have about half and half matchbox and hotwheels, hotwheels were always my favorite though.

I remember when I used to see which cars I could get to fly te farthest by letting them down a ramp that i made from a K'nex set. I realized that most of the cars that flew far were hotwheels.
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