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Masterswrd's silent swordsman deck



Hey, all this is the deck that I would normally use at my local tourny, I have another bu thats off topic. Here is my deck any fixes/rates would be appreciated.

2x goblin attack force
2x silent swordsman lv3
2x marauding captain
2x shining angle
2x silent swordsman lv5
1x silent swordsman lv7
1x mobius the frost monarch
1x mystic swordsman lv2
1x mystic swordsman lv4
1x d.d. warrior lady
1x exiled force
1x breaker the magical warrior
1x sangan
1x cyber jar
1x freed the brave wanderer

2x level up
1x scapegoat
1x heavy storm
1x giant trunade
1x mystical space typhoon
2x reinforcement of the army
1x monster reincarnation
1x enemy controller
1x lightning vortex

2x solemn judgment
1x sakuretsu armor
1x magic cylinder
1x call of the haunted
1x royal decree
1x bottomless trap hole
1x torrebtial tribute
1x trap hole

thx for your oppinions rates and fixes.


Decree and 9 Traps ???

- monster recincar

+2 smashing grounds

-trap hole

+2 sak armor

6/10 needs work


- 2 Solemn Judgement
+ 2 Sakurestsu Armour

- Royal Decree ( props to the guy ahead of this post and hes right also that its bad to have it in here )
+ Shining Angel ( its good to have three in this deck and it adds speed to your deck )

- Monster Reincarnation
+ Giant Trunade

- Freed the Brave Wanderer
+ Level Up

- Mobuis the Ice Monarch ( Its a good card but I wouldn't have it in this deck )
+ 2 Level Modualation
+ Dark Hole

- Mystic Swordsman LV 4 ( hes also a good card but I think Mystic Swordsman LV2 is quicker and better )
+ Mystic Swordsman LV 2

+ Silent Swordsman LV 3 ( the more the better )

I know that I added more in you're deck but I want you to make the changes and not me to your finally draft of that deck. All together that deck is a 7.0 / 10. Keep working on that deck and it will do pretty good in the end.