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Massive Reintroduction Thread


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Staff member
Ok, I thought I'd make a thread for everybody to say something about themselves in, so everybody from FC and GF can get to know eachother faster.

Anyway, I'm Andrew, aka Hybrix, and I am the coding and development guy around these parts. I have done pretty much everything in the past though and am usually stuck multitasking. I am easy going for the most part.

Anyway, you'll get to know me more. Doing too many things right now to make a proper intro. Feel free to tell a bit more about yourself than I did. I'll update mine in good time. :)


Registered Member
I'm Vegito728. I was the mod of entertainment at FC soon to be GF. I'm really into sports, anime and video games. I'm also a Spartan and an ally of the Sith so watch yourself.

I'm also one of the oldschool members of FC/CF.
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For a Free Scotland
Hello, before the merge I was a temporary admin for Fusion-Central, normally I'm a S-Mod. Previously I modded what you guys call "Seriously" for about a year before my promotion.

I live in California and attend a Catholic private school, of which I have a great many stories. Hockey and politics are interests of mine.


The Super Pimp of GF
I am Henskie.... I dabble a lot. I do advice, anime, sports, cards, drugs, booze, women pretty much anything. I was one of the oldest members on FC


Registered User
Hey, I am gnopostopi, I am one of the global mods of GF, I have been around for a while. I use to work with Andrew when he lived here. We would hang out together also. I am a father, and husband. I am also in a wheel chair. Don't worry about offending me with chair jokes or handicap jokes. As you will know I will lay some out everynow and then. Like, one of the threads talked about running a five k. I said I couldn't but could do 1.5 secs from chair to floor.


I'm Vincent Valentine. Was on Fusion Central for a few years and now I'm here. I'm into video games, anything funny, and I'm also a big football fan (Cincinnati Bengals and Ohio State Buckeyes). I currently attend the Ohio State University, I'm a junior, and I'm planning on going into Pharmaceutical Sales. For anything else, just ask.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Okie dokie then, my name is Storm, but feel free to call me "That Strange British Twat". I have no idea how long I've been a member of Fusion Central, so lets say a year or two. Usually, I posted in the sub-talk/spam section and sometimes the general/lounge section and the gaming section.

Hobby wise, I like attempting to roleplay and playing video games (with an emphasis on retro video games). Interest wise, I like the above mentioned roleplaying and video gaming, Monty Python and similar British comedy troupes, computers, Warhammer (40k & Fantasy), anime & manga, and some other stuff I either can't remember or can't be stuffed to say.

I'm currently a temp worker, and am working as a receptionist in a pathology lab for a local hospital, mainly to make some bloody money at last. Said money also goes towards personal training for my career; I intend to join the RAF as a Communication and Information Systems Specialist, and will apply in the new year. Beforehand, however, I'll need to improve my fitness, as I'm expected to run around 1.5 miles in 12 minutes 11 seconds, and the last time I checked, I could run it in around 13 minutes. This was over a week ago, however, and I haven't been to the gym since, so I think that may have gone up.

I also have a tendency to spout a bunch of nonsensical gibberish, and post old and outdated memes from 4chan and the like.
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rainbow 11!
I'm Himeko. I was just the resident rep whore at FC. I hope to be the same here.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Im Fresh Football of FC, im a sports and anime which yeah is a werid combination. Im a senior in high school and I play video games and draw in my free time.


For the Horde!
Hey ,I'm Hanzo Hattori from Fusion Central!

I'm known as

691 on deviantART

691 on Furcadia

Bite as a Fursona

Hanzo as Internet nickname

bttr as my first and old user name on sites =D
And if someone I know is here they should know the other sites I go on XD

I'm Irish/15/Ireland >.>

I am a new meaning of random!

I love Canines,all types of music (except rap.hip-hop,dance),Samurai,Ninja,Swords,Anjiru Ookami(My fave artist who I know and love :D)

Hates: Guns,Cats,Animal abusers,Waking up early,World of War-craft,School,Pirates

I'm an ally with the Siths of Fusion Central

And I'm the Hanzo Hattori(The Leader Of The Iga Ninja Clan) from the game Samurai Warriors series(Based on RL Japanese history)

And I hope you have a good day :)