Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 PCs to start anew


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Yes, it's a weird title. But bear with me.

If you've played Mass Effect, you've probably wondered exactly how Bioware would deal with the issue of characters you import into the sequel. Well, official word from producer Casey Hudson (in an interview with Computerworld) is that your abilities will be set to a more basic level, though for a couple of reasons that make sense.

"There's something that's happening with the story that explains what happens with your abilities. It's something we can't go into detail about for obvious reasons, but it actually happens the other way around," he said. "Our goal with the story, in terms of getting the game started quickly and players into really compelling story situations... that dictated and allowed us to do certain things including changing the way that your abilities work and the way you develop your character."

Part of the reason for the reset, he noted, was the sheer number of changes to "every system in the game," from character stats and inventory system to weapons, combat and other functions. "All of those things have been dramatically improved, so there's no direct way to map the stuff you had in Mass Effect over to Mass Effect 2 anyway," he added.

"That said, we're taking into account all of your accomplishments in terms of building a character from the first game. So things you'd expect to be acknowledged, like if you were a level 60 character, or you were highly Renegade and don't want to start out at the middle again," he continued. "If you import your save game from Mass Effect, these kinds of things will be acknowledged in ways that map across to the new system. You will feel, even in terms of the character that you build, that you are continuing as that character."
Source: Escapist Magazine