How often do you find yourself being masochistic and enjoying pain?

  • All the time. I love the pain.

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I'll be honest, I have some fairly masochistic tendencies from time to time. I occasionally find myself enjoying being wet and freezing, or the type of pain experienced when I hit a wall, whether accidental or purposely. It gives me an inexplicable feeling that feeling almost like satisfying an addiction. It brings clarity and motivation.

How many of you enjoy the pain from time to time?

If you don't know what masochism is, google it.


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Google it...:lol:

Actually I can kind of relate a little. I don't go out of my way to cause myself pain, or harm myself purposefully, but in many cases, the sensation of pain is almost like a reminder, telling you you're alive. The only way I can describe it, is that it's like...a gleeful, mischievous feeling. Almost like I want to push my limits to see how far I can go. Sometimes I want to do something which I know will sting - for example, one of those trick pens, when you press the clicker on top it gives you an electrical shock? A part of me knows it will sting and be uncomfortable/painful, but another part of me wants to feel the sensation, wants to say "Ha! I did that! I took it!".

It's the same with my scars. I have several scars, mostly small, and a couple of bigger ones. The last one I received is about an inch long, shaped like a crescent. I got this one from cutting a suede :)rolleyes:), and the knife slipped and embedded itself about a centimetre and a half into the fleshy part of my palm, the meaty bit under the thumb. Anyway, when it happened, it stung a lot, but I saw it go in, and it's almost like I was pleased to watch it. I couldn't help but stare and smile in a sort of grim fascination. And there was so much blood, but the whole time I was washing it, I felt a sort of pride that I took it without so much as crying out in pain. Maybe it was the adrenaline. :dunno: But it sort of felt good.


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Interestingly, there's not one thing in either of the first two posts that rings even remotely familiar to me. I love masochists, though, don't get me wrong. I think everybody should own one.
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Masochistic in the sense of liking physical pain? Never. Not even a little bit. I'm a huge baby when it comes to things like that.

I have considered the possibility of whether I'm more on the emotional end of masochism though. I'm leaning towards no on that as well, but I'm not sure.


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I'll use pain to relieve other pain. Like bite my finger when I have a bad headache.

Pretty much it though.


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I can have some masochistic tendencies... I wouldn't say I'm a cutter or anything to that extent but I definitely don't back down from causing myself inconsequential pain if the task will offer it.

Like here's a goofy thing I do that I know will sound weird. I like to take tweezers and pull the facial hair off of my lower jaw or cheekbones. Or I'll even get bored and start pulling nose hairs out until there are no more left. I'm not talking just the big ones... I'm talking about really getting those tweezers up there and pull all of them out. Laugh now... but try it, its a pretty painful experience :hah:

I've also put my hand in a vise multiple times over the years and just tightened it until my fingers turned purple or until I just cant take it anymore. Or even the same with a set of pliers or linesman dikes and squeezing a finger 'till it turns red or purple. Its a weird sensation, I dunno it hurts but kinda like Chaos said it sorta makes me feel alive and semi-invincible. Like if I can take this pain, meh all the troubles in my life must mean nothing.

I couldnt ever see myself drawing alot of blood on purpose though. Thats always just been dumb in my opinion (I know I know says the guy who puts his hand in a vice :hah:).


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i like giving myself charlie horses in my feet and legs when im on the couch or something. It might be because its kinda cool, but it hurts and i find myself trying to withstand it more and more, eventually im just sitting there with my calf or foot all cramped up just watching tv.


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I don't go out of my way to cause myself pain, but accidental pain I sometimes enjoy. Like when I stub my toe, or knock my elbow I tell myself it doesn't hurt. Or sometimes I like to test how flexible I am, and push my limits which can sometimes get a little painful. One form of pain I really love, is getting a tattoo. Not that they're actually painful, maybe a little sore, but the feeling is just amazing.

I much prefer to watch other people in pain though, or inflict pain on others...:shifteyes:
I wouldn't say I like pain at all, but I love having bumps and bruises cos I think it's interesting to watch the stages they go through over time. Maybe I need to get a life, but these things are inevitable when you're the kind of person who has sat on the floor and watched a washing machine for at least an hour. Think I should keep these things to myself in future? :lol:


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I'm not masochistic at all, there is nothing I enjoy about physical pain.

But I have a weird thing for sneezing. Sometimes, I find sneezing very relieving. Sometimes I even trigger it by watching right into the sun, because I enjoy the feeling of sneezing. But as far as I can tell, it's not a sexual feeling of relief.