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Masakados Shop


um....okk? masakado gone off on some tip


i still have no idea where the hell he went. he was posting fine like nothing was odd then one day he was gone x_x


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah he did that with the last forums as well, he probably knew he wasnt going to be here for awhile so that's why he refused to be moderator.


lol, hey again. Blur asked if I was ever going to come back so... yea.

I can re-open the shop for anyone who wants anything, my graphics will be free this time if your willing to give me credit (not points, but a note that I actually made them)

Once again, I can\'t guarantee they will look good.


Sweet, can I have a sig of Vincent Valentine? I posted links to the pic in my request, of course you can choose any that you think will look better.


Registered Member
WOW, thats scary, i have a wallpaper request, i want the backround to be the same u gave me and i want Chamillionaire standing in the middle and it says "CHAMILLIONAIRE" on the bottom, ill send u the credits i owe u for the avatar and sig u made me


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
i made the avi.... goddamn it. your back? now more competition. lol jk welcome back :) hope ya stay longer. btw i dont believe you sent the credits for the avatar vt. ill carge 10 cuz im in a good mood :)