Marvel Ultimates

How do you feel about this alternate universe?

I'm particularly interested in the opinions of people who keep up with the main universe.


Son of Liberty
Hate 'em. They are blasphemous in the eyes of this Marvel Fan! I grew up with the comics from Todd McFarlane and Tom Defalco. When I see the versions of Scrawny Spiderman versus McFarlanes I just wanna puke.

I mean how do you go from:


its just disgusting to me.


Son of Liberty
hahaha I know that sounds goofy. But the way I look at it is this:

Peter Parker was the scrawny/nerdy college student (not teenage). He was someone the average comic reader could relate to as an individual rather than the ultra rich scientist who gets to play with billion dollar gadgetry.

Spiderman however is a beefed up superhero that everyone can respect, even though Spiderman = Peter Parker they were two different people in my minds eye.

I used the Spiderman reference because thats one of the first issues that always pops up in my mind. There are other issues, but for some reason that one bothers me.