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Movies Marvel Movies: Phase 2


Haters gonna hate.
So San Diego Comic-Con was this weekend, and it was absolutely crazy what was announced from every single group there, enough to make topics for days.

However, I am starting off with the metric buttload of announcements that Marvel made at their panel yesterday.

I had little hopes for what was going to be announced, but I was sadly, sadly mistaken.

  • Iron Man 3 footage was shown, crowd goes nuts.
  • Thor 2 will be called "Thor: The Darkest World". No idea what that means, but I don't care. I'll see it night one anyway.
  • Captain America 2 will be called "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". I go nuts, because that comic story is AMAZING, and really the only logical step for the franchise to go in.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy will be the big May 2014 release. ROCKET RACCOON OMG.
  • Marvel is eyeing May 2015 for Avengers 2, but could also be November 2014.
  • Ant-Man IS HAPPENING. Test reels shown off, fan reaction was great.

Now for the spoiler content. Don't worry. No storyline results were given, of course.

Iron Man 3's villain will be The Mandarin, as played by Ben Kingsley.
The Winter Soldier is a resurrected Bucky Barnes from the first movie.

There are the Guardians of the Galaxy: Star Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot. OMG.

Thoughts on this EPIC news?


A Darker Knight
These release dates that are 2+ years from now are just mean. It's not even dangling a carrot in front of the horse anymore. It's like putting the carrot in your mouth, and then throwing it so far away that you can't even see it anymore.


Well-Known Member
I can't wait, especially for Avengers 2, even if some of those release dates are ridiculously far away.

I wonder who they're going to add to the Avengers cast. I know it was confirmed that Spiderman is not going to be in the near future due to Sony owning the rights to him.

Also, what the heck is Antman?


Thor TWO, Captain America TWO, Iron Man THREE. An Antman film, who even cares about Antman and STILL no Black Widow film, or even a big budget film based entirely off a female comic book hero. Why does the industry hate us!


A Darker Knight
Ant Man is actually a really cool character. He may seem lame cause his name is Ant Man and his power is basically shrinking down to bug size or becoming gigantic, but based on what I've seen of him, there's room for good moral exploration.

In the Avengers animated series, he was torn between fighting on the team and trying to build peace by rehabilitating criminals instead of kicking their asses over and over again. I think that could turn into a great movie.

And maybe they'll include his wife, Wasp.

Winter Soldier is probably going to be the spy/espionage film that Black Widow would've been. I'm guessing they're trying to get to all of the main Avengers characters and maybe having a bigger party in Avengers 2.


Haters gonna hate.
Wonder Woman is stalling in pre-production, Crou, which is why we haven't seen that yet. No good script has been made up yet. Another issue is that Black Widow doesn't have any unique villains for herself and sadly would not make a great blockbuster... she's in the same boat as Hawkeye.

We get Iron Man 3 in May 2013, Thor: The Darkest World in November of 2013. I would venture to say that in reality, those two don't seem so far away, especially Iron Man 3... which I am SUPER excited for.


What's funny is that Joss Whedon was originally attached to write and direct the new Wonder Woman. But they didn't like the 'direction' he was going with it and pulled him out, then he went on to make The Avengers and well.... I bet DC regretted that one.

It's your opinion that Black Widow wouldn't make a good blockbuster, but why not? I can't think of any reason except for the fact that Hollywood doesn't make big budget comic book films based on females.

Black Widow does have enemies, and hell she is an enemy to herself. In the original comics she was working against the Avengers as a villain before she herself turned around. How would all that delicious moral turmoil itself not make the basis of a good film? Not to mention the fact that she has one of the most interesting origin stories of a Marvel hero that I've ever read.

Also, in the universe of Marvel live-action films Black Widow is already really popular due to her appearances in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. People love her. And let's face it, a lot of the people who see these movies are people who's only exposure to comic characters are in these films. They may have watched the cartoons as a kid but they don't read the comics and the general public seeing these films are exposed to these characters in these films alone.

That means that with Marvel choosing Ant-Man to get a movie over Black Widow they are choosing a character that a large part of their audience don't even know over someone who is already well established and a favourite among fans. And it seems that the only real reason they are doing this is because she is female, which seems to be some sort of big issues within this industry which is still so male-dominated.
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Haters gonna hate.
Actually, I hate to say this, but I beg to differ with a LOT of your points.

Black Widow debuted in Iron Man comics in 1964, with Ant-Man getting his first appearance in 1962. While that doesn't mean much, your comment about Black Widow being more popular is only half right. She is clearly the more popular between the two as of this era of comic films, but I actually doubt that it would be the case if ScarJo wasn't playing her. She is a powerful female role, but she doesn't have the name recognition of Ant-Man, who is heads and tails more popular among the comic fan crowd. In fact, he was one of the original Avengers when that super group first formed... so he has a strong backbone in the Marvel universe.

Regardless, Kevin Feige (the head of Marvel Studios) has discussed with ScarJo doing a solo film, but by no way would it be a summer blockbuster, I think. I say give it to Marvel Knights (the guys who produced Ghost Rider 2 and The Punisher: War Zone) and tone it down a bit...

Regardless, the fans have been seriously clamoring for an Ant-Man film, more so than a film about Black Widow, so Marvel should oblige. I don't blame them.


There's no doubt that Ant-Man would be more popular amongst the comic book crowd, but in all honesty how many people who go and see these films do you think actually read the comics? I have no idea, but since these films have insane box-offices and just about everyone goes and see's them I can almost guarantee that out of the masses of general public who see these films maybe less than 30% have ever read a comic, and probably less than 5% are hardcore comic fans who have read a lot by Marvel or DC.

Ant-Man is a bigger name to a tiny percentage of people, since the people who are seeing these films are majority just the general public, and not the hardcore comic fans. On the other hand heaps of people already know of Black Widow, all those people who don't read comics know her and she's already quite popular from the films. Almost every single review I read about The Avengers took specific time to commend Scarlett Johannsons performance and comment on the depth of Black Widow's character and that she was a highlight of the film for many.

Also, if you recall the other topic about this very same thing, and the conversation we had there I actually specifically said that I would be happy with any Black Widow film, even if it isn't a major blockbuster and is a smaller sort of espionage/spy film. I never said it had to be a major massive budget film. I just wish they would announce they were doing one, no matter what size it was.


Registered Member
Wait, what, sorry to interrupt (honest!), but Spiderman isn't going to be in the Avengers?! I'm no expert but I was pretty sure that's why they rebooted the franchise. So he could be in the Avengers. And now he can't because Sony owns the rights? So why did they reboot?!
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