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Marvel :: Civil War ::


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Greeting comic fans.

I just finished up all the Civil war comics by Marvel.

For those of you who don't know about Civil War here is a bit of information on the comic and complete GN.

The Marvel Universe is changing. In the wake of a tragedy, Capitol Hill proposes "The Superhero registration act", requiring all costumed heroes to unmask themselves before the government.

Divided, the Nations greatest Champions must each decide how to react. A decision that will alter the courses of their lives forever.

Leading the registration act is Iron Man who wants all heroes to register and work for the government, Opposed is Captian America and he and other heroes go underground (rebels) mean while all the Heroes who are Iron mans side are now hunting all the rogue heroes along with some super criminals that S.H.E.I.L.D has placed on their team.

All out chaos comes from this division of the Heroes, and a massive battle is going to take place between the New Government Heroes and the Underground Heroes.

Who will win? Well you will have to read the comics or Graphic novels to find out. I will tell you this. The end will shock you.

Till next time comic fans.
Come on comic fans, sound off on one of the greatest all time stories ever written.
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The Hierophant
First, I have a serious problem of not really exploring many of the sub forums. I stick mostly to the new posts.

Secondly, this is an awesome series. I read it in the two book graphic novel version. I absolutely rank this WAY the fuck up there. And I lol'd when Frank Castle joined the rebels and they were all pissed. Castle never pretended to be anyone else and used to work for the Gov't. I want to be that guy one day.


Registered Member
Yeah, I thought it was pretty good. Although from what I've heard, a lot of comic book fans were less than impressed with it.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Boy Captian America threw him a beat down tho. I mean castle was right in what he did, i would have capped those guys too.

I have to admit spidey's new costume kicks some major ass. It did suck that he took his mask off on TV. It was cool how in the end it was the ordinary citizens who stopped the war.

This comic was one wild ride. I recommend it very highly. Great read if you ask me.


Son of Liberty
Ok So I was wandering the Comic aisle of Barnes & Noble tonight and I stumbled on the Marvel Civil war ( I was looking for Marvel Zombies but came up short ). Reading the backs of the Civil war series, I didnt know this thread existed... The Civil war looks extremely bad ass.

I want to read it, but where do I start?

Am I supposed to begin with Civil War 1-7? or others? I've looked up the list online and there are quite a large chunk of Marvel Civil War tie ins! Just assuming, I'd guess that I should probably start with ths one:

CIVIL WAR: THE ROAD TO CIVIL WAR - Marvel Comics Catalog: The Official Site - Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, Wolverine and all Marvel Comics and Graphic Novels | Marvel Comics Catalog | Marvel.com

But I also see it wasnt released 'till Feb 2007 and the Civil War series started in May 06?

I'm wanting to get back in touch with my marvel comic roots and start burning the midnight oil with my nose buried in the pages. How should I go about doing that with the Civil War?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Ice you can now find the complete series as a graphic novel. You can also find any tie in's as graphic novels too.
Just got to the Graphic novels section of your local book store, you can even find them listed on eBay.

Trying to find them in the comic versions will cost you more in the long run.


Son of Liberty
yeah I had planned on getting the Graphic Novel editions, but like I said... where should I start?

Right now I've got my eyeball on this set on ebay #'s 1-7 of the Civil War for a calm cool 30 bucks. They arent 1st prints or variants... but thats no biggie for me, I just wanna enjoy the contents not try to turn a buck on it.

Basically from the sounds of it, I'll be fine just getting the 1-7 and then picking up the tie ins later on?


The Hierophant
What an amazing story! With every chapter it only gets better and better until it ends perfectly.

All I'm going to say is that you KNOW it'll be a good story when you see Captain America riding a jet like a surf board in the first chapter.

Also, if you want to read it but don't want to buy it, I've found it online. Marvel Comics - Civil War - 01 of 07
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Son of Liberty
oh I already bought it, got all 7 for $30.73 on ebay. 1st editions still plastic wrapped.

I'm excited, hopefully it gets here soon now! I've got to wait for USPS Priority
I couldnt wait so I hit up my local shop for a little tie in action before I got #1-7.

I picked up:

I'll have it done before the weekends over I'm sure!
I couldnt help it... I finished it already :hah:

turns out it was a collection of:

New Avengers: Illuminati
Fantastic Four 536: The Hammer Falls pt.1
Fantastic Four 537: The Hammer Falls pt.2
Amazing Spiderman 529: Mr. Parker goes to Washington pt.1
Amazing Spiderman 530: Mr. Parker goes to Washington pt.2
Amazing Spiderman 531: Mr. Parker goes to Washington pt.3

Pretty much all a wicked build up to whats got me chomping at the bit to get the Civil War #1 in !!!!!

I'm definitely going to look into snagging up the Frontline GN's now, just a matter of finding them for a price I can stomach!
its taken alot of patience but I've finally gathered the collection so that I can start reading!

My Civil War Collection looks like this so far (listed in the order I plan on reading via marvel.com's list)
1. Road to Civil War (graphic novel)
2. Civil War #1
3. She-Hulk #8
4. Wolverine #42
5. Amazing Spider-Man #532
6. Civil War: Front Line #1
7. Thunderbolts #103
8. Civil War #2
9. Civil War: Front Line #2
10. Amazing Spider-Man #533
11. New Avengers #21
12. Fantastic Four #538
13. Wolverine #43
14. X-Factor #8
15. Civil War: Front Line #3
16. Thunderbolts 104
17. Civil War #3
18. Civil War: X-Men #1
19. Cable & Deadpool #30
20. X-Factor #9
21. New Avengers #22
22. Black Panther #18
23. Wolverine #44
24. Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1
25. Daily Bugle Special Edition: Civil War
26. Civil War: Front Line #4
27. Amazing Spider-Man #534
28. Fantastic Four #539
29. Ms. Marvel #6
30. Civil War: Front Line #5
31. Thunderbolts #105
32. Civil War: X-Men #2
33. Heroes For Hire #1
34. Wolverine #45
35. New Avengers #23
36. Cable & Deadpool #31
37. Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #2
38. Civil War Files
39. Ms. Marvel #7
40. Civil War #4
41. Wolverine #46
42. Amazing Spider-Man #535
43. Civil War: Front Line #6
44. Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #3
45. Heroes For Hire #2
46. Cable & Deadpool #32
47. Captain America #22
48. Fantastic Four #540
49. Civil War: Front Line #7
50. Ms. Marvel #8
51. Wolverine #47
[highlight]52. New Avengers #24 [/highlight]
53. Civil War: Choosing Sides
54. Captain America #23
55. Heroes For Hire #3
56. Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #4
57. Civil War #5
58. New Avengers #25
59. Iron Man #13
60. Amazing Spider-Man #536
61. Civil War: Front Line #8
62. Wolverine #48
63. Punisher War Journal #1
64. Captain America #24
65. Civil War: War Crimes #1
66. Iron Man #14
67. Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War
68. Fantastic Four #541
69. Civil War: Front Line #9
70. Winter Soldier: Winter Kills
71. Civil War #6
72. Civil War: Front Line #10
73. Amazing Spider-Man #537
74. Punisher War Journal #2
75. Thunderbolts #110
76. Blade #5
77. Fantastic Four #542
78. Punisher War Journal #3
79. Civil War #7
80. Amazing Spider-Man #538
81. Civil War: Front Line #11
[highlight]82. Captain America #25
83. Civil War: The Confession
84. Civil War: The Initiative [/highlight]

The ones in red are the only ones I need to complete my list, outside of that I'm pretty stoked and already can tell I need to start saving up so I can look deeper into the "Fallen Son" spinoff.

Theres nothing quite like stacking a mega event like this on a plate, I've got 84+ Comics to read... its going to be a blast!
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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Nice stash you go going Ice. Are you picking up the Completed GN as well?
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