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If threatened with death. The conditions being that you must renounce what you believe, be it religion, morals or whatever.
Would you be prepared to give up your life for it, or do you reckon you would fold under the pressure and forsake the belief you have?

Maybe the circumstances would make you question it.

What do you reckon?


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I reckon I shall be dead in a matter of seconds if faced with such an event.
But..I'm not afraid of death, the only reason I'm still here is because...well....I guess it's not my time.
I'm not a religious person, so my situation wouldn't be one about religious beliefs, so forth.
But if it occurred that I was faced with.....go kill this person or you die...I'll die.
I would give up my life for a great many things and/or people~


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One of the shamans I know says "Today is a great day to die."
I think if I'm living the way I want to live, I wouldn't fold under the threat of death.


Where is my Queen?
From what I understand what a martydrom is, I would definetly do it. If I was face in that situation, I am going to die anyways and might as will bring the other person with me. "If I am going down, I am going down with a blaze of glory."


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Not me.. unless I could achieve a WHOLE lot if I did.

Publicly renoucing is not the same as renouncing them in private. I'm not going to die just to make a statement, that's madness.