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Marty Turco "bets" fan during game


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I thought this was hilarious and didn't really fit in the discussion thread. The hilarious thing is the picture that was taking during the first bet.

The NHL is aware of a story that Chicago Blackhawks backup goaltender Marty Turco placed a wager with a fan during Tuesday's game against the Canadiens in Montreal.

"We are following up to understand the circumstances, but no, I would not term it a formal investigation," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said.

There's a Twitter photo of Turco, sitting at the end of the Blackhawks' bench, apparently accepting a $5 bill from a fan.

Someone describing himself as a Canadiens season-ticket holder called a Montreal radio station and said the bet was made after Mike Cammalleri put Montreal up 1-0 in the second period.

"I bet him after the Canadiens scored that Chicago wouldn't score again," the caller said.

After the Blackhawks' Patrick Kane tied the game minutes later, money allegedly was exchanged.

"When they scored ... I gave him five bucks," the caller said. "I slipped it through the glass. He took it with no questions whatsoever. I wrote on the $5 bill with a Sharpie, 'Habs rule.' "

"I went triple or nothing after the second period, nobody scored. Into the overtime, I went, 'Marty, I'll give you 5-to-1 the Canadiens win the game.' He took the bet. When the Canadiens scored in overtime, he handed me back a wad of $5 bills. And inside ... was the $5 bill that I gave him that he crossed out 'Habs rule,' and wrote 'Turco rules.' "


Sultan of Swat
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I thought it was pretty funny too. Nothing is going to come out of this though, he probably won't get fined or suspended, probably just a call from league office to tell him not to do this type of stuff anymore. I'm sure it happens more often then people actually think, it's just that Turco got caught, that's all.


Better Call Saul
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Oh man that's hilarious! I hope nothing happens from it because nothing should. I'm sure he'll just get a talking too like was mentioned.

That is awesome.


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thats all good clean fun... the NHL has more to worry about then this they should just let it go