Martial arts


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Hello u may know me or not but i'm here to talk to u about tkd (tae-kwon-do) it's a martial art i wanted to know how many of u people like martial arts kungfu, karate,tkd,kickboxing,ect. just let me know what do u like.:lol:


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I studied various martial arts over the years.
Wing Chun kung fu
Ju jitsu
There are a couple more but i never really got into them TKD,being one them,i moved to boxing after damaging my left knee,now the only combat sport i do is parenthood,lol.


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He lies.... I'm forming a newly developed stance, almost completed. And no, it's not kung fu. My favorite art would have to consist of the drunken fist.


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that is kungfu it's just a different stance moron. do u know could tell so yeah drunken fist is just a stance of kung fu.MORON =3


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I had been a practicioner of Okinawan Goju Ryu for a few years, was also being taught katana, and I made it to brown belt. However two years back they shut down our dojo for bs reasons. I miss it like crazy, it really was a driving force in my life.


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I LOVE Tae-Kwon Do :D, im a green belt blue tips, been studying it for just about 3 year :D im not sure what sort of TKD you might do Lionsnake, because as you may know there is lots of different versions, im with the UKTA (United Kingdom TKD Assosiation) what about you?