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That is a wicked scene from a great flick, Donnie Yen is fantastic in the lead role and the Wing Chun is out of this world.
It is not my favorite scene taht would have to go to Jackie Chan in Police Story 2, the playground fight scene but I am HUGE JC fan so am a little biased.


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Holy shit, that's some impressive chain punching at around 2 and 2 1/2 minutes. At my old place, my ex and his friends used to train in Wing Chun in the spare garage, and I thought their chain punches were fast, but that is just incredible. Wow.


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YouTube - Police Story II - Playground Fight

This is my personal fav, it may not be classic martial arts buts the speed at which it is done just amazes me.

Only just learnt how to do the video things so not sure if it will work.

I really like that scene from ice, at first I was not sure what film it was because it had a different release name here.
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I got to admit they are both cool scenes, Tony Jaa is very entertaining to watch and an great Martial artist.

another one that like from JC is from project A and always gives me a giggle I love the way he uses what ever comes to hand.

YouTube - Project A - Jackie's Bicycle Scene

And this one is good as well just because it has Benny 'The Jet" Urquidez

YouTube - Jackie Chan - Wheels on Meals

That meals on wheels scene is legendary, the timing in there blows is just crazy. I love it my all-time favorite.