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Movies Martial Arts Movies

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What are some of your favorite martial arts movies and why? One of my favorites is Tom Yum Goong because the stuff is for real. Tony Jaa is the best I've see as far as choreography and stunt work.


Twin Warriors (jet Li) and Master with Cracked Fingers (jackie Chan).

Crazy action, I don't think it has to be real fighting to be good, as long as it's entertaining.


I'm so glad you made this topic. :D I recently saw a new Martial Arts movie called Shinobi. The fighting in this movie is alot like the fighting in the popular anime series Naruto so if you like Naruto chances are good that you would like this movie. However there is no U.S. Version of this movie yet so If you want to see it you must buy it on Region 2 dvd which does have english subtitles, but your going to need a hack or a region free dvd player to play it. I highly recommend this movie if you ever get a chance to watch it.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Ong Bak by Tony Jaa is crazy he's better then Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and the best since Bruce Lee, it's so good.


i can't name them but I like almost any movie with Jackie Chan inside.


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Enter the Dragon is still a classic.I haven't had the chance to see some of the newer guys yet, though Jackie Chan is cool I have a hard time taking him seriously. I have a lot of catching up to do where martial arts movies are concerned.


La Coquette
Hmm I'd have to say Kung Fu Hustle. Not only was the action and fantasy of the movie good but the comedy and the kookiness made it enjoyable.

Another favorite did not have an Asian star in it... If I remember right it was called The Last Dragon and it was about a guy named Bruce Leroy and growth as a martial artist and his fight with Sho nuff...


Yeah, you're right about that one Hinata. Shaolin Soccer was pretty awesome too. It pretty much had that same quirkiness as musch Kung Fu Hustle did. You should so the Special Edition version of it. I'm also suprised that someone else knows about The Last Dragon. I don't know many people who know about it. That's one of my favorite movies because it's one of the few good movie with black martial artists. lol


my fav. martial arts film would probably include tai chi 2 and also shaolin master and shaolin temple. I also like most movies that usually have dicky cheung, stephen chou, jacky wu and andy lau...i like lots of the older HK films...also like ong bak, and also legend of the condor hereos - the one made in the 80's with Barbara yung and felix wong


I recently seen Jet Li's new movie "Fearless" It was pretty good. It kinda pays tribute to his earlier movies like the Once Upon A Time In China series, but with a more dramatic plot. I think it's his best yet.
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