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Advice Marriage Advice


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I recently got engaged on June 30. Been going out with my Fiance since Feb 21, 2015. Started talking to her a week before. Very key is communication with her. Always be honest with her. That is what works with me & my fiance. Do things for her, laughter works to. Send her nice texts on a daily basis, Try to get along well with her family. Hope it all works out for you.


I'm not married, but have watched marriages succeed and fail among people I know. Living together can become a strain on a relationship but strong communication is what can even out the bumps. Discuss EVERYTHING. The way to a woman's heart is to listen and remember (everything) and whenever possible put that knowledge into action. Most guys are not hardwired for that so it'll probably take some practice. Always be honest with each other and never let anything negative linger long enough to grow between you. In the time you've known her you've probably gotten a good handle on her need for attention vs. her need for personal space, but living together may change this to some degree over time. And one mistake that nice guys sometimes make is that they obsess so much on trying to make their SO happy they fail to recognize their sweeties need to reciprocate. It can be hard for a giver to receive, but let her create those special moments that are just for you and make sure she knows how well she's succeeded.

The biggest thing that I've seen erode marriages is distraction. Hanging with the guys way too much, or spending way too much attention on a hobby or work to the neglect of their wife. This often happens in reaction to a personal setback and easily becomes excessive. Be wary of this trap as the time will come where you will be tempted. Don't let your faith slide. Reinforce one another in your faith and it will strengthen your marriage every step of the way.

PS: Always remember, she's right. You only have a few veto's, use them wisely. :D
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