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Marking Posts as Unread


Registered Member
E-mails do this, and it's quite convenient. If it's marked as unread, I'm more likely to come back to it if I don't have time to reply right now (like if it needs a long reply, or if I need to think about it a bit first). Is there any way we could do it?


Well-Known Member
I've always thought this would be a handy idea. Sometimes, i'm just in a reading mood or don't have the time to type a response. By the time I do, the thread is buried and forgotten, especially if its more of a speciality thread that wouldn't get many replies anyway.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think we had this before, together with mark threads as read (has that disappeared too?).


Registered Member
I don't think we've ever had this. We have the ability to mark forums as read. I don't think we've ever had the ability to mark an individual thread as read without actually opening it, but considering how easy that is, I don't see an issue


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't remember ever having this feature before but it something that has crossed my mind before.

I think that if we could add something like that, that would be pretty awesome. Makes sense to mark them unheard if we can already mark them read.
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