Mark Mulder hangs 'em up


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I saw this coming, it's a shame though because just like you I've always been a fan of Mulder and if healthy he would of had a tremendous career when it was all sent and done.

He tried coming back but it didn't work out, he should be satisfied with the career he had.


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Makes ya wonder if he was a steriod user because of the way he kept breaking down after 2005.

He was a very good pitcher for the Cardinals in 2005 after the Haren deal but overall he was a huge bust. Before 2006 Mulder had more wins in the league then any other player he was that good...I remember a game Mulder started...

It was the early 2000s and we were in Phoenix for my brothers vollleyball tournament. The A's are my second favorite team and they were playing the D'Backs. Mulder went out there and threw 7 2/3 perfect innings until Danny Bautista picked up a single. He ended up winning 3-0, got a complete game shutout, threw 89 TOTAL pitches and he didnt go to a 3 ball counton any batter. An amazing game.

Sucks his career went so south so fast.


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I guess you can never be sure Millz, but I think Mulder's problem really derived from his mechanics rather then maybe steroid use. Who knows anymore though.

Wow, the Big Three really has had it rough since leaving Oakland. Mulder is done now, Hudson was never the same pitcher with Atlanta and he has gone through injuries the past few years. And Zito.