Marion Wants Out

Discussion in 'NBA' started by njbroncsfan, Sep 26, 2007.

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    Id welcome him with open arms to the Nets.
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    I'm not surprised that he wants out. He's been saying for a couple years now that's he's not getting any credit in Phoenix. So I assume that it went up[ to the point he couldn't take it anymore. I personnaly think his success is due to Steve Nash presence, but that only my opinion. I'm not saying he's not any good, because he was an all star before Nash showed up, but I beleive he needs a really point guard on his team for him to succeed on the offensive end.
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    I am surprise that he wants out, the reason being is because the Suns have been contenders for the championship for the last few seasons, and he's gotten lots of playing time. The reason why he's asking for a trade is because he's tired of hearing his name in trading rumours, I've never heard of that before.

    In my opinion this will be another Kobe Bryant scenario. I doubt that the Suns will trade Marion, except if they get a tremoundous offer.
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    The Suns are better off keeping him but as soon as Nash starts to decline badly, then they could trade Marion. So far Nash has shown no signs of slowing down. The Suns better keep him and try to get that chip.
  6. Marion is a fool for wanting out of Pheonix. He is in a system that gets complete use out of his talent. He thrives in this system and in my honest opinion, I believe he is a product of the system. He can't create his own shot and is pretty much useless on offense without somebody to set him up. He would be a fool to leave Pheonix and Steve Nash. He thinks he is WAY better then he is.
  7. Agree Marion was corny before and if he leaves will be corny again. He needs to suns more then they need him. If i'm the suns i would get rid of the fool and bring in some defensive guys. Thats the only way they gonna win the title is by defense not offense.
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    Marion was a good player before Nash joined the Suns, he wasn't has good as he is today, but he could still get the job done, he score points and rebounded the ball, and played great defense. But I do agree with you that Marion is really stupid of asking a trade from this team, he gets the minutes, he gets touches, and the Suns have been contenders for the last couple of seasons. But like I said earlier I doubt he'll get traded. Especially with the money he's making.
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