Game Cube Mario strikers or Baseball

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Hello, I am looking to get a new game for my Gamecube. I am having trouble picking, should it be Soccer or Baseball.

What do you think?


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I never really liked the Mario Baseball games so I'd say go with soccer. Have you played Mario Tennis? That's supposed to be the best of the Mario sports games from what I've heard.


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Yeah, soccer is massive. It's really odd that it's not big here in America. Then again, we don't much care 'fer dem crazy feriners.


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i absolutly love Mario Baseball. But i havent played strikers. The only thing i didnt like is the 1 player mode is so repeditive and you have to go through and beat all the same teams 4 times but for 2 player mode the only game that ive played that beats it is Madden
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