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Super Nintendo Mario Paint


Registered Member
The most original SNES game, that's for sure.. loads of good times here. I remember making animations, thinking it was the greatest thing in the world. Also made some pretty cool tunes with the music maker.. and the flyswatting game.. coolness. What ever happened to that Mario Paint for the N64? I think it came out only in Japan with the hard drive add-on thing.

Anyone else think the game was rad?


Registered Member
Oh yeah the flyswatting game. I think that was the only game in that "game". To me, Mario Paint doesn't really count as a game for the SNES because it was more like a piece of software. If you can't win it, or achieve some kind of big accomplishment (like a championship or something), then it's not really a game. I had forgotten about the fly game, but that's about the only part of it that comes close to it. It was fun. Like an advanced minigame.