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Wii Mario Kart: Revolution Confirmed


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It is great to know that Mario Kart will make it to the Rev, but I am pretty sure that it was a given. The only thing I hope is that they continue the traditional play and just add to the DS. If they do go out on another limb(we all know MK:DD), I hope that it is an option or something. I do not want it to be to dramatically different, DD still leaves an unsatisfied taste in my mouth.\

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine (February 2006), Mario Kart producer Hideki Konno discussed his thoughts on the Nintendo Revolution and the future of the Mario Kart franchise.

Nintendo Power:
What do you like most about the Revolution controller?

Hideki Konno: We're doing a lot of experiments right now with the Revolution controller and obviously with the direct pointing device (DPD) and its ability to track movement and distance. You know, that's huge, because that's a brand-new thing that we've never seen before in any controller. Trying to envision all the different things we could do with that motion sensor, that DPD, is a little mind-boggling.

NP: Where do you think the Mario Kart series can go from here?

Konno: As you know, Mario Kart has appeared on all of Nintendo's platforms so far, and I think it's done its job on the DS, or at least I hope it will with what's new. So the next logical step, of course, is the Revolution. Really what we hope to do is continue to bring new and creative things to the franchise that appeal not only to our established user base, but also bring new people into the game.

The rest of the interview is in the Feb edition of Nintendo Power.


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Was there ever any doubt that there would be a Mario Kart for Revolution? I was really disappointed with Double Dash, though I admit I only played a few times. I thought having two characters per cart was kinda stupid. Hopefully the next one will be as fun as Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 were. I agree, I don't want it to be too different. The new controller will make it different enough. One change I'd like to see is no more cheating A.I. The handicap in these games has always been way overdone. It'd be nice if it were more about skill than luck. If I'm having a perfect race, I want to be able to pull away from the competition. It's retarded how the computer goes 10 million miles per hour to catch back up to you. They should make the game more difficult without making the A.I. resort to cheating.


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the problem with Double Dash was the fact that there was 2 persons per Kart!

Though it was playable as one player, it was 100 times better when you played 2 players, both on the same cart... one person drives and the other handles items, with the back person helping out with powerslides!

With the success of MArio Kart DS there was no doubt Nintendo would make this a Revo title! And knowing it will be WiFi enabled... Im all for it


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I thought DD was great. I just despise the battle mode, or lack therof.

Single player is awesome. Multiplayer is awesome. Battle is.. the worst out of any MK game so far by far.


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SamusAran86 said:
the problem with Double Dash was the fact that there was 2 persons per Kart!
Yeah.... it seems like they'll do anything they can to dance around the issue of the real change they should be making, like allowing a 4-player, 4-computer car GP mode. They'll be putting cars on top of cars making a "Double Decker Car" before they come out with that. I can see it right now.... "NEXT ON THE ALMIGHTY NINTENDO REVOLUTION, it's 'MARIO KART DOUBLE DECKER'!!! That's right, we haven't improved the GP, but LOOK! You get a whole bunch of zany car on top of car ACTION!!!!!!! ACTION!!!!!!!!! mher :sick: huoouh :zz: hah :-o HOUGHHFFT! :urp: "