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Wii Mario Galaxy Spoilers Thread (You've been warned!)


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Ok, this thread will be for anything that is considered a spoiler in Mario Galaxy. Do not read any further unless you don't care.

First of all, it looks like you can play as Luigi after getting 120 stars and completing a number of requirements.

Galaxy's Secret Unlockable Character [Spoiler Warning]

I kind of wish they would have had Wario and Yoshi in it like the DS version of Super Mario 64, but, either way Luigi is definitely the best choice they were only going to add in 1 additional character.

I can't wait for this game..


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Re: Play as Luigi in Mario Galaxies!

Luigi is awesome, the nintendo DS super mario 64 game did have some good characters but it was always annoying to have to go and change to Yoshi or Wario because they were not the kind of characters that you used in that game for very long, I stuck to Mario and Luigi, at least they made a good choice on who to make the second character, any other nintendo character would have been a dumb choice.