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Wii mario and sonic at the olympics games


Registered Member
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is wicked, im getting it for christmas for the wii, its the first time mario and sonic are on the same game.


Well-Known Member
I never noticed that they were never in the same games, oh well, this should be interesting, the Wii has opened up a portal for games that could never be made before because there wasn't the technology to do it, many games for Wii are going to be unique ideas because there has never ever been anything like it,

hope the Olympics game is good,


Registered Member
I think this will be just a shallow mini game. I got the wii and am still hoping for boxing that feels real. Nothing that has come out for the system has felt like wii sports did and that is a shame.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
The whole concept of racing sonic seems a little..... pointless? Come on theres no way anyone should be able to beat him.