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3ds Mario 64 vs. DS


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Ok, the only reason I bought a DS was for Mario DS. Personally I'd rate the game much better than the original. The added characters and requirements made it more of a challenge. I didn't like how some parts were made easier, such as the Mario Balloon boxes.. but I got over it. I still wish there was a joystick that could screw into the dpad but oh well. I got used to it and have to say it's worth getting a DS just for this game.


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My vote also goes to Mario 64 DS. Cos Mario 64 was awesome, so Mario 64 on a handheld will be even more awesome! And the added features are cool too, like the extra characters and multiplayer... not to mention the mini games ^_^


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I find myself playing the mini games alot more than the game itself...

My vote goes to Mario 64... Why? because to this day, all 3D platform/adventure games are compaired to what Mario 64 did in its day. In my opinion the best 3D console game ever!

Mario 64 DS has its own little charms, but you coundnt control the characters as well as Mario 64. The added challenges were great, as well as the mini games!