Marijuana Legalization

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  1. I posted this on politicalhotwire and got a lot of responses, some of them dumb, some of them intelligent. I love to hear what people think about this "weed with roots in hell". I won't completely overexplain myself, I'll leave that to the rest of you to start (I will respond afterward, since no one has really responded to any of my posts....). Anywho, I am for legalization of not just all drugs but marijuana. No drug advocating here, I'm not saying anyone should DO drugs. However, we wouldn't be in half as much debt if the govt. started taxing drugs like they used to (not that I'm all for taxation, either). But looking at it from both points of view, it would be better. The govt. makes money, there are less stupid jail sentences, and I can smoke all the weed I want just like all my friends drink without having to worry about legal shit. Plus, I just smoke weed, and you know you can't overdose on weed. If anyone says you can I think I might shoot myself.:w00t: Anyway, peace, love, and lubrication. Responses very welcome.


  2. Hoosier_Daddy

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    I've thought for many years that marijuana should be legalized. I think the primary reason it's not been legalized is that the Congressional drug of choice is alchohol. By placing a prohibition on it, marijuana has become to my generation what alchohol was to my Grandfathers generation during the 1920's and early 1930's. Government can't stop the use of either, and prohibitionists of the 20th Century learned the hard way that to try only leads to criminal acts that otherwise would have never occured. I don't know how soon our Government will wake up to this fact, but I'm banking that it'll be sooner than later.

  3. Howe Itis

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    It's definitely a better drug than alcohol. Too bad it is illegal. I had to "grow up" because the consequences otherwise can be harsh.
  4. Merc

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    I can agree that marijuana needs to be legalized and taxed. Because then we can cut down on people getting sick because of bad ingredients added to the mix, empty out a few prison cells, and save the country from being totally blinded by the issue. There are a lot of myths that have been debunked that still float around.

    Aim for your foot, it won't hurt as much:

    It's possible, just something that would take dedication to do. So if you had said it's almost impossible, you would have been right.
  5. CMK_Eagle

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    I agree (though I managed to make it through college having never tried the stuff). Until a person starts hurting others, it's none of my (or the government's) business if he wants to do drugs.

  6. To overdose, you have to smoke 100 lbs. a minute for 15 minutes. That is physically impossible, therefore impossible. Nice try.;) In your Wiki proof it says there have been no reported deaths since the plant showed up 8,000 years ago (the last part I got from, good site, you should check it out). Ask any doctor, you can't overdose. I think you might have misread the info, or read more into it than you meant to. No worries, it's all gravy.

    Should I start shooting now?
  7. Hoosier_Daddy

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    If someone could overdose on marijuana I'm not aware of it. Lord knows I tried my damndest to do it myself many times when I was in college.

  8. Corona

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    Legalize weed. Not a single incident has ever been recorded of a person ODing on weed. Also, its probably less harmful than alcohol. And in a free country we can put whatever we want into our own bodies.
  9. Howe Itis

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    Maybe in a free country, but not in a somewhat free country. I'd rather be in a somewhat free country for obvious reasons, but prohibition of marijuana use is not one of them. I would not be ready to legalize all drugs. Baby steps first.
  10. Merc

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    "Only with intravenous administration may such a level be even theoretically possible" - Wikipedia

    Sure, start shooting now.

    I'm not trying to prove you as dumb or anything, you're just speaking in definites when there is no definite. It's quite useful to use more "mostly's," "almost's" and "many's" in your daily vocabulary because you don't eliminate possibilities. Whoa, I just sounded like my professor there :wacko: my apologies.

    Yes, it's very hard to overdose on Mary Jane, but the possibility isn't gone, which means the statement, "Ask any doctor, you can't overdose," is wrong. For the record, those doctors should do their homework. I'm not saying that this is a likely event to happen, it's just the fact that it can happen that makes the statement false.

    I would never agree to legalize all drugs however. Marijuana isn't as terrible as crack or LSD.

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