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    Denver Post - Marcus Camby hopes the Nuggets can fill their roster with players that want to be in Denver and he hopes that Kenyon Martin is one of those players.

    "I'd love to see Kenyon come back," Camby said. "He's one of the best power forwards in this game when healthy. He's a valuable player to this team when he's healthy. He battled knee injuries all season long, and I felt he got some unfair criticism."

    He also commented on the Nuggets lack of a GM.

    "It's hard to make trades when you don't have a GM to make trades," Camby said. "We have a lot of issues we need to correct in the offseason, starting with management. I'm probably one of the few guys who hated to see Kiki go. He put us in position of being talked about as one of the better teams in the Western Conference."

  2. Molina

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    I dont think Kmar is good.

    He just a NBA Action player....

    I prefer too more Nene or Evans, who have hustle and small salary...
  3. Whoa...I agree on the Salary. But go back and look at Kenyon on the Nets. He's got more hustle than 99% of the players in the league. Last season he played injured or with knee tendenitus the majority of the the fact he was pretty depressed the whole season. When properly motivated (he's got none on Denver because technicaly he's the vet. leadership there) the guy is a monster. I'd take him over Nene or Evans, even with his knee issues any day of the week...too bad his contract is crazy.

    I read last week that there is a 50/50 shot right now he gets bought out. His agent stated he's played his last games in Denver. Friends close to him also said in the article that if he gets bought out, he wants to come back to jersey for the MLE just to play with Kidd and Jefferson again.
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    holyy son off ****************.......

    if he were bought out then he wouldnt need to ask for alot of money so the nets could sign him.
    hmmm umm can you say chapionhsip???

    yaa so u have 4 allstars and a budding star at C (which is very rare). they all bring differnt, yet physical aspects as well as talent. thats just DETROIT to the next level. so instead of 5 team players (by the way is actually 2 team players and 3 shoot first guys) you have 1 team player and 4 legitimate allstars.
  5. Yeah it's still a long shot in my opinion he'll get bought out even though his agent said it's a 50/50 shot right now. I know Portland, Indy, and NY got the contracts to offer something for Kmart.

    Nuggets are close to signing Shawn Kemp again. So now I'm just waiting for them to sign Nene long term before I start watching this situation closely. His agent said Kmart has played his last game in Denver. It really depends on whether he'll agree to play for any of the teams that can offer Denver a trade. If not, if the rumors are true he wants to come back to Jersey, he'll agree to a cheap buy out and sign with the Nets for the MLE. Again, there are a lot of factors in this situation, but once I see them fall into place, I'm gonna watch this situation like a hawk. Nets don't wanna pay Kmart his current salary to be back in Jersey...but they'd gladly welcome him with open arms if they could get him on a 3-4 year deal worth the MLE.
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    Kenyon Martin is an exciting player who can get the crowd in the game and he can have some very good games defensively and offensively. His 2005-2006 season highs this year were, 34 points, 14 field goals, 2 three point field goals made and 5 blocks. As a power forward who's been in the league since 2000, that is very good, proving that he can bring a lot of energy still, and although he only played 56 games, his field goal percentage was higher than it had been before. They should look to re-sign Kenyon Martin during the off season.
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    When healthy he's a very dominate player, he'll give you scoring, rebounding and block shots, he gives you motivation to become better during the game, the only thing that not really good about him is that he gets to much technical fouls, but sometimes you got to take the good with the bad. If he would go to New Jersey that would be a sick line up. I truly believe better then the Pistons this year.
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    I like big, spectacular and hustling crowdpleasers like Kenyon Martin it's very fun to watch him play and from time to time he can be a really good rebounder. I agree with sayin' that he's one of the greatest powerforwards in the L. So I'd say: Denver - Keep him.
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    There's no way that he's coming back to Denver inless George Karl doesn't come back to the team. Is situation in Denver got real bad real fast and he can't wait to get out of there. The question is when and where? It would be a dream come true if he came back to the Nets but I see him go to the Knicks.
  10. Yeah I know Denver is listening to trades for him right now and apparently has laughed at every one. I don't think they're interested in taking on an expiring contract. i think they wanna get a legitimate all star Shooting Guard with a long term deal so they can keep this team intact for a while. i don't think they're finding that. I I think in the end they'll send him to NY because they have some tradeable contracts (Denver is probably asking for Crawford and Frye though and Ny ain't pullin the trigger on Frye). With every day that goes by, I just don't see Denver finding what they want and might actually have to just buy Kenyon out which totally sucks for them.

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