March 26th, 1997


Forbidden v2

Ha, I don't even have to watch the video to know what your talking about. That brawl was crazy, the Detroit/Colorado rivarly. Lemieux was beaten to a pulp by McCarty after the bitch cheapshotted Draper a few years ago. The goalie fight between Vernon and Roy was one of the best of all time. Definitely one of the best events in hockey history.

PS Deadmarsh kicked McCarty's ass later in the game


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That was a classic, that was also one of the best goalie fights I've ever seen Roy and Vernon can really punch, especially with all that equipement, and McCarty went nuts on Lemieux, and it awesome seeing all that blood on the ice.

I know you posted this because it's been 10 years since it happened. But I believe the fight between the Sens and Philly was better.


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Well the occassional bench brawl is amazing to see whenever we do but I always love seeing the classics and this one is no different. Really if you look at it this was the start of a big rivalry between the two teams that still goes on today but in smaller doses and not as big and sought over games as in the past. It also showed that goalies can drop the gloves when they are called upon and be in a good scrap. Oh 'tis a good day for the game and I know it might sound weird to say that talking about a bench brawl but think about it , Is there anybody on this forum that watches hockey and saw that brawl that wasn't glued to the screen of either the TV or the computer while watching that brawl?